Daily Meds Meditation Album (Physical Copy)

Daily Meds Meditation Album (Physical Copy)

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1. Morning Ritual

This guided meditation will assist you in creating a daily meditation ritual. This blissful track will encourage you to disconnect from the previous day, any residual energy from your dreams, support you to set your daily intentions and infuse your days with gratitude. Start your day feeling grounded, positive and perfectly in flow. 

This track can be used anytime throughout the day to 'reset your day'. The perfect re-boot!  

2. Sacred Space

Looking through your mind's eye this track will connect you to the swirls of colour and energy flowing around your body. Nurturing aspects of your personal power and courage through your solar plexus chakra will assist you in cultivating a sacred space within. A safe, spiritual place to lovingly ask for guidance, speak what's on your mind and ask questions.

Create a space of stillness to receive your unique messages from the universe and your soul. 

3. Melting Stress

A soothing track to instantly release you from the grip of debilitating thoughts of stress, fear and anxiety. Stop these low vibe thoughts and feelings in their tracks, as you diffuse blockages, disconnect and lovingly shift the energy that no longer serves you. This supportive track will bring you home to your breath and will guide you to see these reactions as the illusions they are. 

4. Divine Connection

A deeply soulful meditation to fast track your connection to your higher self, your soul. Work through layers of your physical, energetic and spiritual bodies to arrive immersed in the light of your infinite consciousness.

A blissful meditation experience.  

5. Moon Connection

A deeply nurturing and restoring meditation to disconnect you from technology, stagnant energy and the many people and energies encountered during your day. Float into the cosmic energy of the moon as you reconnect with your centre with the support and nourishment of your personal guides and angels.