Adelaide Meditation


Reiki and Spiritual Healing is a non-invasive hands on healing technique designed to channel universal life force energy. Relieving stress and anxiety as well as healing physical and emotional pain and suffering.

Exploring deeper levels of consciousness, these spiritual healing techniques shift dense and heavy energy, restore the natural chi of the body and promote holistic wellbeing. These sessions are profoundly healing.

Perfect for - 

+ Overcoming stress, anxiety and fear

+ Healing past hurt, suffering and pain

+ Restoring your body’s balance

+ Deepening your spiritual connection

All sessions held at Kindred Self - Shop 5 Jetty Street, Grange.

Adelaide House Clearing


A house/space clearing is a beautiful way to inject your space with clean and fresh energy, cut ties with old patterns, situations and energies and fill your home or space with positive, peaceful vibes.

A house/space clearing is a collaborative, intention filled experience where I will guide you through a powerful visualisation of your desires for the space. I will also cleanse and energise the entire space with your heart felt intention. 

Perfect for - 

+ Arrival of a new baby or new home 

+ Removing weird and uncomfortable vibes 

+ Cleansing space after break up or divorce

+ Removing negative, stuck or stagnant energy


I believe in the healing power of meditation, the breath and intentional healing work. It was these deeply spiritual practices that lifted my own anxiety many years ago and continues to infuse my life with peace, reverence and positive vibes. I know that a regular meditation practice can heal anxiety, can boost personal and professional performance and can connect you to yourself and the universe in a deeply personal way.  

I can't wait to share it with you.