The Daily Meds - Album 2016



Jason McGrice from The Meditation House supports men and women to diffuse anxiety, connect to their bodies, rediscover the power of their breath and find peace in beautiful meditation and healing practices.

Spiritually connected from a young age, it would be Jason’s own spiritual journey that would eventually become the catalyst for the launch of The Meditation House; a community inspired by connection and united in a deep understanding of the profound benefits of meditation and spiritual practice. It is through these meditation and spiritual healing practices that Jason's connection to source truly shines the brightest.

Jason’s unique and spiritual approach has inspired a movement, with his meditation single ‘Morning Ritual’ skyrocketing into the top 10 on the popular meditation app ‘Insight Timer’; seeing over 2.6 million listeners connecting with his guidance and inspiring a worldwide community waking up to his energy, every single morning. 

Now with over 17 years’ experience, he has experimented with the power of universal energy and has passionately honed his skills to serve as a true light worker.