Howdy, I'm Jase. Welcome to my zen part of the world.

I work with men and women to diffuse anxiety, connect to their bodies, rediscover the power of their breath and find peace in beautiful meditation and healing practices.


My name is Jason, my friends call me Jase, you can too!

I’m a down to earth guy who has grown up by the sweet smell of the ocean all my life. It is not uncommon to see me rockin my crystals around my neck, burning incense, or embracing my new age hippy vibes in a campervan with my love and awesome pup. On the other hand, I am also a landscaper (yes, a tradie in fluros) with a fondness for cars, motorbikes and a serious watch addiction. It is fair to say I enjoy the yin and yang in life.

I believe it is this desire to embrace all parts of myself and feel comfortable in doing so, that has been the very reason I now work with a balanced mix of men and women in this spiritual realm. I proudly fly the flag for spiritual men, just as much as women.

While I was introduced to the concepts of meditation and reiki almost 15 years ago, it took some time for it to come full circle in my life and land me where I am today. But, all those years ago a seed had been planted. It wasn’t until a crippling two and a half years of anxiety that I truly started to experience first-hand the amazing healing benefits of these spiritual practices.

I became the ultimate student. Filling my nights with meditation classes, my days with reiki sessions and my spare time connecting with like-minded people, just like me, experiencing anxiety in their own crippling ways. Something this epic time in my life was able to show me was, I wasn’t alone. In fact, I was quite normal.

Fast forward a couple of years into my healing journey and I found myself in Uluru being completely immersed in a spiritual healers course. A truly transformative experience and one that would shape my future in ways I wasn’t even aware of at that time.

In the thick of my 20 somethings, I spent hours building bikes in my retail job, jumping from business idea to business idea trying painfully to find my niche, and all the while suppressing this deep desire to connect with people through meditation – through healing. A deep seated fear of not being old enough, wise enough, experienced enough kept me well away from my dreams. Thankfully, the thing is with soul work, it is unrelenting in its pursuit to take form in your life. I’m paraphrasing here, but like that quote that says - the thing we resist the most, is in-fact the thing we need the most.  


My spiritual journey would eventually become the catalyst for the launch of The Meditation House. A place of connection, healing and deep inner discover for myself and my amazing clients.

Today, I work with men and women to diffuse anxiety, connect to their bodies, rediscover the power of their breath and find peace in beautiful meditation and healing practices.

This work flows through me, it is at the core my being, it is my true essence.  

I love seeing the growth in people, even after one class.

I love seeing people take their first big, deep inhale for that minute, hour or in some cases the whole day.

I love the moment I see the switch turned on to a world of possibility, peace and calm.

The Meditation House tribe is like a big family, it is a community inspired by connection, united in a deep understanding of the profound benefits of meditation, mindfulness and spiritual practice. I am very proud of what we have created, together.

And, I am so glad you are here to join in the zen times.

Jase x